Leadership (r)evolution

Enhancing soft skills, creativity, confidence, vision & clarity. Be in the flow.

We provide the psychological guidance for a safe, legal and optimised set and setting for psilocybin assisted leadership coaching.

Psychedelic Coaching lets entrepreneurs, strategists, creatives or innovators (or teams) gain enhanced leadership communication skills and soft character attributes, as much as new insights, to make a real difference and find you flow state.

Recent studies on psilocybin have been headlines all over the world. We have been operating within a legal framework and seeing hundreds of international clients for the psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences for personal transformation. We use natural magic psilocybin truffles in Amsterdam, The Netherlands for our internationale clientele.

  • Based out of Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Psychedelic Coaching (a Psychedelic Insights division) provides psychological guidance of psychedelic experiences, to individuals, groups, and professionals*.
  • Psychedelic Coaching brings together a group of experienced psychedelic therapists, psychologists, neurologists and other trip guides  with relevant academic backgrounds, who offer psychedelic guidance before, during and after your psychedelic experience. Our therapists and coaches also provide prior and post session counseling in order for the experience to be fully integrated and beneficial (and lasting).
  • As we prioritise your privacy and medical and mental health safety we offer a unique one-day private session
  • We work with a single kind of natural, fresh magic psilocybin truffles, lower or higher doses are given depending on the intentions set with your dedicated personal coaches. ​
  • Your well-being is our primary concern, and being guided can make all the difference in feeling safe.

Here are the scientific findings of the (“side”) effects of psilocybin assisted guided experiences in optimised set and settings.

  • Boost your creativity
  • Increase your problem solving skills
  • Get stuff done positively
  • Be in the flow
  • Divergent thinking
  • Be more open and accessible
  • More awareness and clarity
  • Hava a clear vision
  • Better relationships
  • Less procrastination
  • Easier adaptation
  • Less anxiety
  • More patience
  • Less negativity
  • Authentic engagements

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If you are not improving yourself, being a better version of you, then what are you doing? 

We psychologically guide your psychedelic session. 

High performance corporate leaders that …

  • inspire naturally and do not manipulate or push but are enthusiastic
  • increase cooperation and resolve conflicts ethically
  • inspire others to be the best and set their goals accordingly
  • communicate authentically, clearly and honestly
  • are trusted and give trust and delegate responsibilities

For Whom?

Are you working in a corporate, scientific or business environment, a startup, in finance or other high performance positions, then let’s get introduced

Psychedelic Coaching offers a high end transformational experience for high performance professionals and team members (e.g. entrepreneurs, management, start-up, project, product, creative, strategic, innovation, sales and / or marketing team).

Our program re-examines and solidifies the very basic core of your psychology upon which everything else is based.  Assumptions can be false and convictions can be strong. Defence mechanisms can be subconscious and not benefit you, even inhibit and blind you.

Our program allows you to gain profound insights into you, your world and your habitual thinking patterns. This is an exploration inside your mind, like 10,000 hours of therapy into one day. Becoming a better person is the only answer to reality. Especially for those in the lead. You are required to be the true natural leaders that inspire and have a vision for your business. What is holding you back is what you can let go. Becoming a fearless version of you where you do not let yourself be defined by inhibitions. Feel more confident and free to express yourself, be a more present listener and have a clearer mind and in touch with your emotions. Psilocybin therapy is all about intention setting and this is done together.

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What do we do?

We organise customised retreats for you, based on our core service, to psychologically guide psychedelic experiences for personal development and professional insights. These are profound, often life changing experiences.

We conduct individual psychological personality tests and conduct deep discussions with all members. We conduct a zero point position as a start, to measure change in the end. An optional Q.E.E.G. brain scan can be part of it*. We offer  (non violent) communication skills to practice listening and providing feedback, differently. Experience how golden, silence is. And effective feedback helps communication and trust. To experience communication and interaction on another, a next level.

We provide magic psilocybin truffle ceremonies, that are guided by certified and experienced psychologists and psychedelic facilitators. We have professional academic facilitators and former corporate managers here to coach you.

Ultimately, Psychedelic Coaching participants are about to go deep into their own emotional world on a exploration, with the help of trans-formative ancient natural sacred medicines: psilocybin truffles, like the mushrooms, allow for an experience that cannot be imagined. It allows for deep introspection that opens you up to the idea that so man things you held on to, were false and letting go can ease anxieties, heal on multiple levels.\

During a psychologically guided psychedelic experience, you explore your own consciousness. Possible experiences are:

  • Accessing the unconscious
  • Memorising meaningful life events
  • Emotional processing and release
  • Heightened creativity
  • Acceptance, deeper self-understanding & self-insight
  • Body-centred experiences & movement
  • Visionary insights
  • Synesthesia (e.g. visualising music)
  • Euphoria, love and bliss
  • Mystical-religious states of consciousness
  • Facing truths about self and life
  • Compassion for self and others
  • Transcending belief systems & patterns
  • Clarity on values, dreams & life purpose
  • Entering deep meditative states
  • Confrontation with self or hidden emotions
  • Transform pain and negative patterns
  • Discovering unmet needs & uncovering unconscious patterns
  • Feeling safe in the face of fear
  • The gifts of standing in your power or vulnerability
  • The sacred state of surrender
  • Making peace with your grief and pain
  • Healing the split between mind, heart and spirit
  • Overcoming limiting thought patterns
  • Identifying your inner saboteur
  • Shift difficult patterns and hard-to-break habits
  • Dismantle the system of self-sabotage

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Psychedelic Coaching is a personal journey of “dis-covery” for emotional and intellectual evolution; An inward and multi perceptual journey of profound wisdom and personal insight. This is done with the sacramental use of the ancient plant medicines such as truffles that contain the magic psilocybin.

Understanding, openness, inspiration & passion and increased creative innovation with a clearer vision. Your personal evolution is simply within reach. A next step, a next level of being.


Fungi evolved over 1,5 billion years ago. With their intelligent and actively learning and experimenting external neurological network mycelium, they connect entire forests and seek out food. The Psilocybin containing mushroom is subject of an increasing body of studies and the findings are indeed magical. It opens another realm of mythical knowledge. Psilocybin encourages the growth and neurological connections. It enables new insights, recognising correlations between events or subjects and growing cognitive and social skills. This is the basis of our quest; A sacred ceremony. A rebirth to realign your senses and be a conduit for ideas and visions.

Scientific American:

  • Personal meaning and transcendence, gratitude, compassion, altruism, sensitivity to others and forgiveness, sustained changes of social value, diminished depression and anxiety, “oneness” with the universe…
  • “More than two-thirds of the participants rated their psychedelic journey one of the most important experiences of their lives.”
  • “It is simply unprecedented in psychiatry that a single dose of a medicine produces these kinds of dramatic and enduring results.”
  • “There is something about the core of this experience that opens people up to the great mystery of what it is that we don’t know. The psilocybin experience enables a sense of deeper meaning, and an understanding that in the largest frame everything is fine and that there is nothing to be fearful of. There is a buoyancy that comes of that which is quite remarkable.”
  • “The core mystical experience is one of the interconnectedness of all people and things, the awareness that we are all in this together.”
  • It’s one thing to have a dramatic experience you say is impressive. It’s another thing to say you consider it as meaningful 14 months later. There’s something about the saliency of these experiences that’s stunning.”
    It’s very common for people who have profound mystical-type experiences to report very positive changes in attitudes about themselves, their lives, and their relationships with others.
    People often report shifts in a core sense of self….
  • A profound sense of the interconnectedness of all things packaged in a benevolent framework of a sense of sacredness, deep reverence, openhearted love and a noetic quality of truth. So it’s quite plausible that the primary mystical experience not only underlies changes in attitude toward death specifically, but also changes attitudes about self, life, and other people in a way that’s dramatically uplifting. (Roland Griffiths, Ph.D)

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Psilocybin and science today

Trust (your) Nature

As tribal people roamed the earth, they evolved. As an almost simultaneous result of an accelerated advance in our human evolution, the human race leapt forward in creativity, art, communication and language, cognition and more.  Different peoples from across the globe had accelerated evolutionary growth by way of psychedelic plants; From the DMT containing biblical Acacia tree (of life) to the Siberian shamans and the Amanita Muscaria (fly agaric). However, most common were the Psilocybin mushrooms who are found throughout historic art, folk tales, myths and have found a way back into our modern world as plant-medicines.

Paul Stamets, the world authority on mushrooms, fungi, mycelium and psilocybin.

How safe is it?

Silicon Valley has proven it causes a lot of remarkable “coincidences” of business successes and very prominent business leaders have used psychedelics: Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and many others. In the United States, as of 2017, about 10% of people have used LSD at some point in their life according to Wikipedia.

Psychiatrist Dr. Alex Dimitriu: “These drugs have the potential to change the way we think – to uproot deeply ingrained habits of mind and lead to insights that might otherwise take years to achieve.
Roland Griffiths, Ph.D:  It’s very common for people who have profound mystical-type experiences to report very positive changes in attitudes about themselves, their lives, and their relationships with others. So it’s quite plausible that the primary mystical experience changes attitudes about self, life, and other people in a way that’s dramatically uplifting.”

We conduct psychological personality tests to see which strengths and weaknesses are present and how the group dynamics work best. With these insights and personal and group talks, we identify personal challenges, to work and focus on. Openness, vulnerability, compassion and the plant medicine ceremony (normally psilocybin containing truffles) will make sure, each participant knows their personal challenge and can work on that with the insight the plant provides. It is about letting our guards down, that were up for whatever reason, and no longer serve us. Vulnerability takes courage but leads to happiness (Brené Brown).
Researchers found that a single dose of the drug prompted an enduring but positive personality change in almost 60 percent of patients. One round of psilocybin exposure successfully boosted many individual’s sense of “openness” and lasted at least a year in some cases.

We have successfully guided over 250 individuals. From professional academics, corporate CEO’s and all kinds of C-level executives. More on psilocybin and scientific findings.

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Luc is founder & a very experienced facilitator. He has had his fair share of courage quests and baptisms of fire. As an elite marine corps veteran (Iraq), specialised jungle, Arctic and mountain survival. He’s also a mountaineer & ice climber with experiences in the Alps, Andes and Himalayas. A life-long dream was sailing across the Atlantic and he has done so twice, on his 37 foot sailing yacht with my ad hoc hippy crew and experienced existential fears but also the pristine beauty of the interplay of wind, clouds, water, sky and weather. Luc spent months traversing rain forests in Borneo with local head-hunters, finding his own food.

He also spent almost 20 years managing cutting-edge internet businesses from publishing, gaming, science to fin-tech companies .      He has experienced deep personal transformation and divine revelations through plant medicines in 2013. He’s a dad and enjoys a simple life. A father and self confessed fool, he  considers himself lucky, grateful and happy.

Luc was a walking coach for years and has given more than 40 workshops in youth prisons inspiring young felons to turn their lives around and live fully and happily. Luc has been part of many teams, has built his own teams and worked in many different team-types. From sailing to business to military to mountaineering teams and there is a common recipe for success. Luc is a happy person, a dad, a life coach, plant medicine advocate, entrepreneur, speaker, veteran but busy being a full time psychedelic trip guide. My question to you: will you take the blue pill? Will you find and enter an unknown door inside your consciousness? 😉
Let’s plan an intro call. Love to answer any questions.


Our own dream team comprises of Psychedelic Coaching facilitators and other experts in their respective fields such as psychedelic psychotherapists (certified psychologists, neurologists, cognitive scientists, etc.), former special forces team members, “non violent communication” experts and inspirational speakers. Our customised workshops and retreats are comprised to fit your needs and wishes.


Our own team players, are our own biggest assets. The only goal is the most optimised safe experience and facilitation for our clients. They are well developed authentic altruistic balanced happy individuals with a lot of experience and can be relied upon. Contact us to have a personal introduction and presentation. We would be happy to meet you and tell our story. We are the product of our own philosophy. We talk the talk & walk the walk. Let us meet each other and start an adventure.

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