Leadership (r)evolution

Courage Quests builds teams you can invest in. Boosting creativity, vision & soft skills.

Teams that radiate positive energy, inspire others to reach for the stars, where everyone feels part of the tribe and trust is natural and work is a challenging and fun adventure… and also under pressure and under fire.

You cannot call a group of people a team. You cannot force someone to cooperate, trust and be vulnerable; you can’t mandate teamwork. But you can build a team of leaders! More creativity, divergent thinking, soft skills en better relations throughout. Teams to invest in.

The ideal in courage is not a rigid control of fear, nor is it a denial of the emotion. The ideal is to judge a situation, accept the emotion as part of human nature and, we hope, use well-developed habits to confront the fear and allow reason to guide our behaviour toward a worthwhile goal.

No tricks, no lessons, no toolbox, no vocabulary, no manipulation, no suppressing insecurities, no faking or emotionally convenient dishonesty. A team that has gone through the Courage Quest experience is never the same again and is ready for their full potential. A mind, once stretched cannot go back to smaller thinking.

Courage quests lets participants gain enhanced social skills and soft character attributes, as much as knowledge and experience, to make a real difference. Here are the scientific findings of micro dosing which is part of the quest:

  • Boost your creativity
  • Increase your problem solving skills
  • Get stuff done positively
  • Be in the flow
  • Divergent thinking
  • Be more open and accessible
  • More awareness and clarity
  • Hava a clear vision
  • Better relationships
  • Less procrastination
  • Easier adaptation
  • Less anxiety
  • More patience
  • Less negativity
  • Authentic engagements

Harvard prof. Noam Wasserman studied 10,000 founders: 65% of startups fail as a result of co-founder conflict. 

What do we do?
We build teams and boost creativity and leadership

We receive team members and go on a quest that will allow a deep psychological mirror of self discovery. From these lose individuals, we ultimately build a fine tuned high performance teams that works, that fits, flows, and is in sync.  You provide the team members. We create team players and team spirit.

High performance (management) teams with authentic leaders that …

  • inspire naturally and do not manipulate or push but are enthusiastic
  • increase cooperation and resolve conflicts ethically
  • inspire others to be the best and set their goals accordingly
  • communicate authentically, clearly and honestly
  • are trusted and give trust and delegate responsibilities

For Who? For corporate’s, startups, investors & other high performance teams

For high performance teams: Management teams, Start-up teams, Project teams, Creative and design teams, Sales and Marketing teams. Teams you need to rely on to peak under stress, pressure and turmoil. Teams that capitalise their success and disrupt entire industries. Teams you can invest in.

Make sure to get the resource out of the human before the human takes the resource out of the business… because of (false) assumptions, irrational fears, insecurity, character flaws, stress, or most other issues that lead to unavoidable (future) conflicts.  Make it a safe bet.  Make sure teams have what it takes. There is more to it than know how and experience. Going next level by investing in your team or board.

Becoming a better person is for everyone. Especially for those in the lead. They are required to be the real leaders that inspire and have a vision for your business.

How do we do it?
We send participants on a Courage Quest

We organise customised retreats for your team. We conduct individual psychological personality tests and conduct deep discussions with all members one on one and in group sessions. We conduct a zero point position as a start, to measure change in the end. An optional Q.E.E.G. may be part of it. We train in (non violent) communication skills as to practice listening and providing feedback, differently. To experience communication and interaction on another level.

We conduct [optional and voluntary] plant medicine ceremonies, that are overseen by certified and experienced psychologists and experienced Courage Quest facilitators. We have the best facilitators here to be there when participants open up hearts, face insecurities, deal with personal issues and learn to rely on others.

Ultimately, courage quest participants are about to go deep into their own emotional world on a courage quest, with the help of transformative ancient natural medicines.

Why do we do it?
Karma & Creativity

Because we think that bringing out the best in people is something beautiful to believe in. Positive personal transformations have many advantages on different levels.  Yes there is a lot of stigma involved but the scientific findings and legal framework of The Netherlands provide us with an opportunity to do psychologically guide participants for psychedelic sessions.

Silicon Valley has proven it causes a lot of remarkable “coincidences” of business successes and very prominent business leaders have used psychedelics: Elon Musk, Steve Jobs and many others. In the United States, as of 2017, about 10% of people have used LSD at some point in their life according to Wikipedia.

Another big reason is to have individuals gain more creativity, improve efficient innovation and be an inspiration to others.  Courage quests lets participants use enhanced social skills and soft character attributes, as much as knowledge and experience, to make a real difference. The reality is, this is possible, it is fast and the business case is easy; Less expensive (management / workplace) conflicts,  more team cohesion, Simply put: more success in all forms. Understanding, openness, inspiration & passion and increased creative innovation (to compete efficiently). Your personal evolution is simply within reach. So is your best bet for success. This is the process and world that we aspire. We hope you do too. Make your team true human resources of creativity and .leadership.

What is a Courage Quest?
Personal evolution

Having courage is often expressed as “having heart”.  Courage Quests are a personal journey of “dis-covery” for emotional and intellectual evolution; An inward and multi perceptual journey of profound wisdom and personal insight. This is done with the sacramental use of the ancient plant medicines such as truffles that contain the magic psilocybin or Ayahuasca that contains the “spirit molecule” (DMT).

Psychology & Psilocybin

We conduct psychological personality tests to see which strengths and weaknesses are present and how the group dynamics work best. With these insights and personal and group talks, we identify personal challenges, to work and focus on. Openness, vulnerability, compassion and the plant medicine ceremony (normally psilocybin containing truffles) will make sure, each participant knows their personal challenge and can work on that with the insight the plant provides. It is about letting our guards down, that were up for whatever reason, and no longer serve us. Vulnerability takes courage but leads to happiness (Brené Brown).
Researchers found that a single dose of the drug prompted an enduring but positive personality change in almost 60 percent of patients. One round of psilocybin exposure successfully boosted many individual’s sense of “openness” and lasted at least a year in some cases.

Psychiatrist Dr. Alex Dimitriu: “These drugs have the potential to change the way we think – to uproot deeply ingrained habits of mind and lead to insights that might otherwise take years to achieve.
Roland Griffiths, Ph.D:  It’s very common for people who have profound mystical-type experiences to report very positive changes in attitudes about themselves, their lives, and their relationships with others. So it’s quite plausible that the primary mystical experience changes attitudes about self, life, and other people in a way that’s dramatically uplifting.”


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