Courage Quests

Calling all (r)evolutionaries to join our Courage Quest for Creative Natural Leadership. 

We operate from Amsterdam in The Netherlands to make this entire enterprise legal and safe. We are a Psychedelic-insights company. We have guided many hundreds of clients through these experiences. We specialise in corporate leadership development and team coherence.

Courage Quests

The quest is a journey that goes deep into your inner world and challenges your personal convictions and assumptions. Part of the quest is being in nature, an introduction, sharing different expectations and evaluations, philosophical and psychological talks and identifying personal opportunities for growth.

1) The start

The base preparations

The entire Courage Quest experience will be one of fun, excitement, adventure, learning by listening and new profound experiences.

Our guide facilitators are certified and experienced psychologists, neurologists and others. From a corporate and academic relevant backgrounds, we see vast unused human potential for more creative innovation through increased divergent thinking and authentic leadership soft skill development.

Every participant is unique and their safety is our primary concern. We do extensive psychological analysis of all applicants, via multiple psychological screening and preparation talks. People on medication are required to see our Medical Doctor and psychiatrist. Also, other medical or mental health issues may be required to get the “medical” green light. Even though psilocybin is one of the safest compounds, we are in the business of creating a safe set and setting to optimise all insights, outcomes and experiences.

The actual quest will commence with establishing a “base-line”. We use psychological personality tests, interviews, group feedback, neuro-feedback and a Q.E.E.G. result to become more aware of themselves. From here we identify the personal opportunities for growth.  We get introduced to Non-Violent Communication techniques, to re-learn to listen and provide feedback. To gain a different perspective on the nature of language and the connotation of chosen words and their effects on others. We identify, what to unlearn…


Neuro-feedback is a technique in which the brain is trained to increase or suppress a certain stimulus through feedback from brain activity. This technique is increasingly used in the E.U. and this method is offered for the treatment of all kinds of disorders (including ADHD, sleep problems etc.).

Peak Performance (Personalised Self development)

If you want to boost your creativity, increase your concentration / focus (flow state), want to think faster, want to learn to deepen your concentration or want to perform more optimally in another way, this can be a real possibility. With different techniques (including Neuro-feedback and heart coherence training) we can train you to reach FLOW states easier and faster; A state of consciousness in which you perform optimally and everything actually flows ‘automatically’ (and you seem to forget about time and your surroundings). We start by making a QEEG (type of photo of your brain waves) from which we can read where your development opportunities are. Also on the basis of the QEEG (and personality tests and interviews and sharings), you will receive a tailor-made psychological report.

2) The Courage Quests

Creative Leadership Teams

Sspend time in nature and you will be able to go deep into your soul. You will have a profound mystical transformative experience with magic psilocybin containing truffles.

The personal insights can change your outlook on life, yourself and unlock your creative and leadership potential. You will do personality tests, speak with others alone, in groups and have psychological and philosophical discussions about you, your work and private environment and the world. Also communication will be trained to learn to communicate differently with non violent communication techniques. We have well known guest speakers to motivate and inspire participants during discussions and evaluations..

A Courage quests where you will fast, spend time in nature and you will go deeper into your soul to uncover your personal challenges and have a profound experience with the help of sacred ancient plant-medicines such as psilocybin truffles. This will allow you to gain tremendous personal insight. This experience may be very profound one and it has a positive effect on your life, your emotions and relationships.

A setting, location and anything your team might need to feel at their best. Contact us for any wishes and exchange ideas to create the ultimate setting for your teams’ experience.

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” Carl Jung

Microdosing at work

Following the quest, participants are offered a Micro dosing treatment, to integrate the experience and remain connected to the plant spirit. The effects are meant to be “not” consciously noticeable, so you can function normally without any types of distraction, such as any psychedelic feelings, arousal or visuals. It will be interesting to hear from co workers or relatives if they perceive any change in you and how this manifests. The list of microdosing advantages:

  • Boost your creativity
  • Increase your problem solving skills
  • Get stuff done positively
  • Be in the flow
  • Divergent thinking
  • Be more open and accessible
  • More awareness and clarity
  • Hava a clear vision
  • Better relationships
  • Less procrastination
  • Easier adaptation
  • Less anxiety
  • More patience
  • Less negativity
  • Authentic engagements

Our conditioning

We are blind to our conditioning.  Many people are fearful of having an experience outside of their normal daily problem solving state of consciousness and the consensual reality. In the west, from birth, we are conditioned to exclude anything that doesn’t come from the so called “perceptual cognitive symbolic way of processing of knowledge”, based on the 5 senses and symbolism e.g. verbal, imagery, musical, textual. Almost everyone is conditioned to just this one source. Courage quests will change this.

What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the rest of us call butterfly. It cannot see beyond its confinement. Then it discovers flight.

At our Courage quest you will experience the realm of timeless universal intuitive wisdom. You feel your insights.  The basis of which are recognised in most religions and ancient and mystical traditions throughout time. This sacred experience is a transformative one.  At Courage quests you become who you are meant to be, free thinking and kind. Without ego. Becoming what the world needs right now.  Authentic natural leaders.


Psilocybin frees the brain from its rigid patterns and ego-driven assumptions, and allows the user to look at the world — and him or herself — from a whole new perspective. Many mushroom experiences also are accompanied by waves of good feelings and psychedelic visions of sound and colour.


We conduct personal intakes to make sure every participant has the right mind set for the quest. Anyone with serious (mental) trauma or mental health issues is welcomed in another personal therapeutic type session. We’d be happy to advice. Just talk to us.

It’s very common for people who have profound mystical-type experiences to report very positive changes in attitudes about themselves, their lives, and their relationships with others. People often report shifts in a core sense of self. Positive changes in mood are common, along with shifts toward altruism – like being more sensitive to the needs of others, and feeling a greater need to be of service to others. It is not difficult to imagine that such attitudinal shifts flow directly from the sense of unity and other features of the mystical experience – a profound sense of the interconnectedness of all things packaged in a benevolent framework of a sense of sacredness, deep reverence, openhearted love and a noetic quality of truth. So it’s quite plausible that the primary mystical experience not only underlies changes in attitude toward death specifically, but also changes attitudes about self, life, and other people in a way that’s dramatically uplifting.
……Roland Griffiths, Ph.D


Researchers found that a single dose of the drug prompted an enduring but positive personality change in almost 60 percent of patients. One round of psilocybin exposure successfully boosted many individual’s sense of “openness” and lasted at least a year in some cases.

Join our Quest and ask a quote. We do closed and open groups, VIP or settings in nature. Meet us in person for a presentation over to your place. We are happy to arrange your hotel and transport from and back tof the airport.

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