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Fungi evolved over 1,5 billion years ago. With their intelligent and actively learning and experimenting external neurological network mycelium, they connect entire forests and seek out food. The Psilocybin containing mushroom is subject of an increasing body of studies and the findings are indeed magical. It opens another realm of mythical knowledge. Psilocybin encourages the growth and neurological connections. It enables new insights, recognising correlations between events or subjects and growing cognitive and social skills. This is the basis of our quest; A sacred ceremony. A rebirth to realign your senses and be a conduit for ideas and visions.

Scientific American:

  • Personal meaning and transcendence, gratitude, compassion, altruism, sensitivity to others and forgiveness, sustained changes of social value, diminished depression and anxiety, “oneness” with the universe…
  • “More than two-thirds of the participants rated their psychedelic journey one of the most important experiences of their lives.”
  • “It is simply unprecedented in psychiatry that a single dose of a medicine produces these kinds of dramatic and enduring results.”
  • “There is something about the core of this experience that opens people up to the great mystery of what it is that we don’t know. The psilocybin experience enables a sense of deeper meaning, and an understanding that in the largest frame everything is fine and that there is nothing to be fearful of. There is a buoyancy that comes of that which is quite remarkable.”
  • “The core mystical experience is one of the interconnectedness of all people and things, the awareness that we are all in this together.”
  • It’s one thing to have a dramatic experience you say is impressive. It’s another thing to say you consider it as meaningful 14 months later. There’s something about the saliency of these experiences that’s stunning.”

It’s very common for people who have profound mystical-type experiences to report very positive changes in attitudes about themselves, their lives, and their relationships with others.
People often report shifts in a core sense of self….
…A profound sense of the interconnectedness of all things packaged in a benevolent framework of a sense of sacredness, deep reverence, openhearted love and a noetic quality of truth. So it’s quite plausible that the primary mystical experience not only underlies changes in attitude toward death specifically, but also changes attitudes about self, life, and other people in a way that’s dramatically uplifting.   –  
Roland Griffiths, Ph.D


Ayahuasca has been used for thousands of years by many Indian tribes and is used as a religious inauguration medium, a healing remedy to relax and meditate and have “enlightening” visions concerning your life. Its active compound is DMT, which is a naturally occurring hormone produced by your own Pineal gland (also mystically referred to as your third eye).  Modern science has no real understanding of its “mechanics” but the largest body of “literature” is found in religious and sacred artefacts and archaeology throughout history. The DMT experience is associated with birth and near death experiences, mystical experiences throughout history and a a basis for religions themselves. In Hebrew the pineal gland refers to the face of God where it is considered to be the vehicle with which the soul leaves and enters the body. Ayahuasca is the mother of all plants medicines and a powerful healer of souls. Taking Ayahuasca can be one of the most profound and transformative experiences of your life.

No wonder psychedelics are threatening to an authoritarian religious hierarchy. You don’t need faith to benefit from a psychedelic experience, let alone a priest or even a shaman to interpret it. What you need is courage—courage to drink the brew, eat the mushroom, and then to pay attention, and make of it what you will. Suddenly, the tools for direct contact with the transcendent other (whether you call it God or something else) is taken from the hands of an anointed elite and given to the individual seeker.
Dennis McKenna

Ede Frecska is Chief of Department at the National Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Budapest, Hungary.

Evolving the Intuitive Mind & Imagination

Enter the Courage Quest and access a different reality and body of wisdom. There are portals in your consciousness that can be accessed. Accessing these portals allow you to experience other realms and allow extra-sensory perceptions.  This opens up your mind to an entirely different reality. Ralph Waldo Emerson said; ‘The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.’ This is where we’re going.

Trust (your) Nature

As tribal people roamed the earth, they evolved. As an almost simultaneous result of an accelerated advance in our human evolution, the human race leapt forward in creativity, art, communication and language, cognition and more.  Different peoples from across the globe had accelerated evolutionary growth by way of psychedelic plants; From the DMT containing biblical Acacia tree (of life) to the Siberian shamans and the Amanita Muscaria (fly agaric). However, most common were the Psilocybin mushrooms who are found throughout historic art, folk tales, myths and have found a way back into our modern world as plant-medicines. 

Paul Stamets, the world authority on mushrooms, fungi, mycelium and psilocybin.

Experience versus religious doctrine

John Marco Allegro was an English archaeologist and Dead Sea Scrolls scholar. who drew controversial conclusions; Allegro believed he could prove through etymology that the roots of Christianity, as of many other religions, lay in fertility cults; and that cultic practices, such as ingesting hallucinogenic plants to perceive the mind of god, persisted into Christian times. In other words, “Christ was a mushroom”.
John Allegro believed the Dead Sea Scrolls raised issues that concerned everyone. It wasn’t just a matter of dusty manuscripts and disputed translations – the story of the scrolls raised questions about freedom of access to evidence, freedom of speech, and freedom to challenge orthodox religious views. He believed that through understanding the origins of religion people could be freed from its bonds to think for themselves and take responsibility for their own judgements.

Psilocybin and science today